Drumline LIVE

Drumline LIVE

Tuesday, March 14, 2017 at 7:30pm

DRUMLINE LIVE, the show-stopping attraction created by the musical team behind 20th Century Fox’s hit movies, “Drumline” and “Drumline: A New Beat,” has already paraded onto some of the biggest theater stages throughout the world. Complete with dazzling choreography and explosive percussion, DRUMLINE LIVE is a thrilling spectacle that pays homage to the show-style marching popularized at historically black colleges and universities. With musical highlights from hip-hop, American soul, gospel, jazz, and much more, DRUMLINE LIVE fluidly blends genres and styles. This music, combined with a unique style of drumming, mesmerizing musicianship, and lively choreography create a production never seen on stage before.

Be prepared to laugh, sing, dance, and cry because DRUMLINE LIVE is a high-octane musical roller coaster ride that will hit every emotion in your body.


Opening act: 20-Time Tournament of Bands Chapter 4 Champions the Loyalsock Lancer Marching Band!

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Ticket Pricing

Front Orchestra and Sterling : $47.50
Orchestra : $42.50
Loge : $42.50
Balcony : $32.50
AAA Discount: (in PL2 only) $21.25
Tickets Go On Sale Monday, August 1, 2016
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