Student Summer Stock – Cast List

Student Summer Stock – Cast List

Friday, July 28 - Sunday July 30, 2017 at See Below:

Friday, July 28 at 7:30pm

Saturday, July 29 at 7:30pm

Sunday, July 30 at 2:00pm


Student Summer Stock’s Amateur Production of


Lyrics by: Tim Rice

Music by: Andrew Lloyd Webber


Directed by: Aaron White

Musical Director: Tim Lambert

Vocal Coach: Emily Wertz

Orchestra Conductor: Dr. William Ciabattari




Judas Iscariot Rhys Kauffman
Jesus of Nazareth Max Theiss
Mary Magdalene Bailey Luna
Peter Greg Shoemaker
Simon Zealotes Stacie Simpson
Andrew Abraham Deacon
James Jessi Burdett
John Megan Corbett
Phillip Connor Elio
Thaddeus Madison Switala
Barholomew Braden Ward
Thomas Bethanie Patterson
James the Lesser Gabriel Chlebowski
Mathew Zach Frey
Caiaphas Nash Dawson
Annas Raechel Councill
Priest 1 Makenzie Shimko
Priest 2 Tori Duffy
Priest 3 Jarrod Houseknecht
King Herod Braden Ward
Pontius Pilot Maggie Brennan
Pilot Understudy Stacie Simpson
Maid Tori Duffy
Soldier Jarrod Houseknecht
Old Man Zach Frey

Roman Soldiers

Alexis Hoffman Kristopher Harper
Samantha Keegan Jarrod Houseknecht

Reporter Soloists

Kristopher Harper Makenzie Shimko
Bridget Foresman Braden Ward
Samantha Keegan Brooke Marshall

Herod’s Court

Gabriel Chlebowski Bridget Foresman
Zach Frey Samantha Keegan
Nash Dawson Maggie Stroop
Jarrod Houseknecht Reagan Luna
Kristopher Harper Grace Hormell
Raechel Councill Alexis Hoffman
Makenzie Shimko

Soul Girls

Bridget Foresman Aurora Beagle
Samantha Keegan Jillian Haddan
Maggie Stroop Kalina Spring
Reagan Luna Allison Panczyszyn
Grace Hormell Brooke Marshall
Alexis Hoffman Bethanie Patterson
Jessi Burdett Megan Corbett
Stacie Simpson Madison Switala
Leper Soloist 1 Kalina Spring
Leper Soloist 2 Gabriel Chlebowski
Leper Soloist 3 Allison Panczyszyn
Leper Soloist 4 Kristopher Harper
Leper Soloist 5 Skylar Luna
Leper Soloist 6 Carter Abram
Leper Soloist 7 Reagan Luna
Leper Soloist 8 Connor Elio

Student Summer Stock at the CAC is committed to providing a high-quality, positive, and rewarding experience to all students who participate! The production will be presented with professional production values to a large and enthusiastic audience in the beautiful Community Arts Center.

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