Lightwire... The Show

Mar 6, 2014

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Welcome to a world of endless possibility. A strange and fascinating place where good and evil struggle to be the dominant force.  Where birds grow 16ft tall , aliens suck the life force from other beings, and cats fight with light sabers. 

Follow the story of an outcast young  bird as he tries to come to terms with the strange power that he has been given. A power that has resulted in his banishment from his tribe because he is different. Alone and vulnerable he begins to wander his planet.  Danger lurks everywhere in this world and it comes in the form of an alien species that seeks to dominate and destroy. A chance encounter with an outcast warrior cat creates an unlikely friendship and , with some unique critters picked up along the way,  they create a motley team that has the potential to save the planet. Can our baby bird understand his power? Will he  ever be reunited with his family? Can the wise warrior cat combine all of the gangs unique skills to overcome this impending doom?

Join LIGHTWIRE THEATER as they take you on an epic adventure. Using their signature brand of dazzling visuals, poignant storytelling, and creative use of music ranging from classical to pop to film scores designed to evoke imagery. “Lightwire…The Show” with up to 60 characters in the show performing their unique brand of storytelling.


LIGHTWIRE creates a must see theatrical experience for the whole family!




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