September 16 7:30 pm

Grammy Award Winner Ani DiFranco’s alchemy of folk, soul and lushly textured jazz-pop reflects a musical career forged one degree of separation between Pete Seeger and Prince. Her poetic lyricism drives the message while her most powerful gift as an artist remains her rare ability to give voice to our deepest frustrations and tensions, both personally and politically. She has always spoken her mind and gone her own way even in the release of her 22 albums, all under her own label, Righteous Babe.

DiFranco states, “My songs have always reflected an acute connection between my personal life and the life of society.” DiFranco’s latest album, Revolutionary Love, was released January 29, 2021 and is said to reveal, “DiFranco’s tremendous gift for seizing the moment of performance and transforming confusion into clarity, pain into perseverance.”

Ani DiFranco is a nine-time Grammy award nominee, having won for Best Recording Package in 2004 with her album Evolve. In 2019, DiFranco released a “coming of age” memoir titled No Walls and the Recurring Dream which made the New York Times Best-Seller list. She also won the 2009 Woodie Guthrie Award, presented each year to the most outstanding book on popular music.

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