On September 1, companies across the United States lit their facades with red light to draw attention to the crisis facing performing arts groups, production companies and all kinds of events workers across the country. This particular occasion, modeled on a similar event in the UK, was to draw attention to the passage of S.3814-Restart Act.

The numbers cited are truly horrific.

Live events employ approximately 12 million people across the country and constitute an $877-billion industry.

95% of live events have been cancelled because of Covid. Everything at the CAC between now and March 12,2021 have been postponed or cancelled.

96% of companies have cut staff and/or wages.

77% of people in live events have lost 100% of their income.

97% of freelance workers have lost 100% of their income.

Through the first 6 months of the pandemic, the CAC has retained all its employees but there is no telling how long that can hold. Your donation can help the center hold and provide the basis for a restart when it comes.

Most companies do not anticipate any performance until next spring at the earliest.

Learn more about the Red Alert and how you can help

Thank you and here’s to the day when these promos are promoting new shows.