December 5 10:00 am

Fourteen years ago, the Community Arts Center Volunteer Corps created the modern Christmas Spectacular as an homage to an event in the old Capitol Theatre where free movies and games would be followed by gifts for all the kids. It was the Capitol’s gift to the people of Williamsport and a tradition the Volunteer Corp wanted to revive at the CAC.

Desire became reality and starting in 2007, the annual Skip Hunsinger Christmas Spectacular offered performances, raffles, goodie bags and fun as a gift to the children of the city.

Then came Covid. With no chance for a performance in the Center, the Volunteers decided to continue the tradition focusing on the one essential ingredient that could survive a pandemic, the goodie bags.

On Saturday, December 5, the Volunteer Corps will be distributing goodies bags to every child at a drive-through in front of the Community Arts Center. The front of the Center will be decorated with all manner of holiday excess while the Repasz Band, Repasz Winds and Autumn Winds Sax Quartet take turns serenading cars with holiday classics as they wait for their gifts. Santa Claus will even make an appearance.

So join us for some drive-through fun at the CAC on December 5 between 10 am and 12 noon.

Cars only please. 



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