October 18 7:30 pm

Timeless classics–old and very new–open the Williamsport Symphony Orchestra’s 2022-23 season. Ebullient and celebratory, Quinn Mason’s Toast of the Town Overture was first performed only a year ago and it has already been programmed by orchestras from coast to coast. The composer is just 26 and we will be hearing more of him. Johann Sebastian Bach’s Concerto for Two Violins in D Minor has long been cherished in families that boast two or more violinists. Legendary violinists David Oistrakh and Leonid Kogan recorded it with their sons. Our soloists are the gifted husband and wife duo, Mark and Sally Minnich, who lead the WSO’s two sections of violins. Johannes Brahms believed that composing a symphony was no joke. When he was almost 40, he wrote to a friend: “I shall never write a symphony. You can have no idea what it is like to hear such a giant (Beethoven) marching behind you.” After 13 years of planning, Brahms completed his first symphony when he was 43. The wait was worth it. Brahms’ symphonies are “classics” for orchestras everywhere. The Symphony No. 4 in E Minor was Brahms’ last word on the subject, and it ends–-not with a whimper–but with a magnificent cataclysm.

Calendar for WSO: Bach and Beyond