Have a show you’d like to put on at our center? The Community Arts Center regularly rents its spaces to local and national promoters for live events and presentations.

Please click here for our Technical Specifications, for further information please contact Fred Park; Production Director, (570) 327-7655



Rates are effective for all contracts issued after July 1, 2017.


Base Premises Rental Fees For-Profit Groups Local Not-For-Profit Groups
Full-Day Theater Rentals $7,500 $2,000
Non-Performance Day Rentals $3,500 $1,500
Non-Performance Day Rentals may only apply with a Full-Day Rental. “Open Rehearsal” situations will require an additional rental amount.
Multi-Day Performance Rentals $4,000 $1,500
Multi-Day Performance Rentals may only apply with a Full-Day Theatre Rental
Multiple Performances, Same Day $2,500 add’l $1,250 add’l
Half-Day Rental (5hr maximum; 7am – 1pm only) $2,000 $1,250


“Base Premises Rental Fee” includes all main theater spaces (stage, dressing rooms, green room, projection/spot booth) with full soft goods; approximately 2,078 sellable seats maximum (minus seat kills, handicapped needs, and promoter comps); full HVAC and utilities.


Equipment/Personnel Rates For-Profit Groups Local Not-For-Profit Groups
Spotlight Rental $300 all $150 all
Powerspot 575 Moving Light Rental (6 in inventory) $100 each $50 each
House Lighting System $750/day $400/day
House Sound System $750/day $400/day
House DVD Projector $200/day $100/day
Steinway D Grand Piano Rental(must reserve at least 2 weeks in advance of event) $500/day $200/day
Stagehands (four hour minimum call for load-in;three hour minimum for show; four hour minimum for load-out) $18.75/hr $18.75/hr
Department Heads $20.00/hr $20.00/hr
Crew Chief (required on calls of 20 or more) $20.00/hr $20.00/hr
Technical Director (day of show only) $600.00 flat $300.00/flat


The Community Arts Center agreement with I.A.T.S.E. 636 is a labor only agreement.
Yellow Card show: First (10) stagehands are non-union, all remaining stagehands required by the call are I.A.T.S.E.
Non Yellow Card show: First (15) stagehands are non-union, all remaining stagehands required by the call are I.A.T.S.E.
Riggers: 100% I.A.T.S.E. (2) up, (1) down for a minimum total of (3) on any single call.
I.A.T.S.E. minimums: 4hr/3hr/4hr IN/SHOW/OUT. 2.5hrs [15 min. break].  5hr [meal break].  Single call IN, SHOW or OUT 5hrs.
Rates: Standard rate house/IA is $18.75hr. Rigger and Department Head Rate House/IA $20.00hr.
Labor rates subject to change without notice.

Box Office/Other Charges
Per Ticket Fees:
$.50 District Services Fee
$1.00 Ticketing Service Fee
$1.00 Building Preservation Fee
For-Profit Groups   Local Not-For-Profit Groups
House Royalty on Gross Ticket Sales 5% 5%
Ticket Printing $.10/tkt $.10/tkt
Credit Card Fees 4% 4%
Custodial Services $200/ performance $200/ performance
Marquee Services $25 flat $25 flat
Wire Transfer Payments $25 flat $25 flat
Box Office Set Up Fee $200 flat
Usher Corps Fee $200 /perf


The Arts Center also is able to assist renters with coordinating additional services, such as advertising placement, outside equipment rental, catering and hotel accommodation coordination, and other needs that are regularly required by artist contract.


– Please note that the Community Arts Center is a smoke-free building.


– The Arts Center cannot accommodate requests for alcoholic beverages backstage or in any other non-licensed area of the building.


– Renters must present a certificate for liability insurance coverage in the amount of $1 million per instance prior to day of show.


– Please be aware that, because the Arts Center offers its patrons an annual advanced seating option, we require a minimum of ten working days between inclusion of your event and first day of public sale. The Arts Center cannot make all seats available to the public until our advanced seating patrons have had the opportunity to purchase the event. THE ARTS CENTER WILL NOT FOREGO ITS OBLIGATION TO ITS ADVANCED SEATING PATRONS, NOR WILL IT DISLOCATE PATRONS FROM THEIR SEATS EXCEPT FOR PURPOSES OF TECHNICAL NEED. THIS IS NON-NEGOTIABLE.


– The Arts Center cannot add additional performances or “hide” add-on performances subject to announced shows having sold out. Our policy is to put ALL performances of an event on sale simultaneously. This is non-negotiable.


– Please be advised that, due to limitations in the structural integrity of the theater as well as concerns about preservation of its decorative arts, hanging points are not allowed in front of or beyond the stage proscenium.


The Arts Center requests that all renters submit their breaking ads or ad copy for review and approval prior to placement of same. Your event cannot go on sale until this obligation has been met.


Refer to our Community Arts Center Usage Policy (PDF) for our complete terms of use, including our policy on building holds. We strongly suggest that you review all clauses and conditions of this policy prior to securing a date with us.

For further information and calendar availability, call (570) 327-7654