Production Staff

Fred Park
Production Director
(570) 327-7655

Jordan Miller
Production Coordinator
(570) 327-7658

John “Bug” Coffelt
Audio Engineer

Tim McKee
Lighting Designer

General Information

Loading Dock:
GPS Coordinates: 41.2408791, -77.0060843
Door dimensions are 7′ 0″ wide x 13′ 4″ high

CAC Loading Dock - Sept 2016
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Dock Location Description
The loading dock is located on the west side of the building at the intersection of Hepburn St and Edwin St. Directly behind the building opposite of the Marquee on 4th St. Edwin St, traveling east, will DEAD END into the CAC loading dock.

Shared Dock Area
The CAC Loading dock is a shared area with the local Sun Gazette newspaper and the neighboring Genetti Hotel. Any load IN/OUT greater than (1) 28’ box truck requires advanced coordination between the Arts Center and its neighboring businesses.

Loading IN/OUT Description
CAC docks are not at truck height. Equipment must ramp down from the back of the truck using the house 16’ ramp and/or the touring show ramps. Street level (bottom of the truck tires where the rubber meets the road) is 16″ above stage level. The dock area can accommodate (2) two trucks side by side at the same time. The preferred dock is the DS/South dock, it has a hydraulic platform lift that travels from stage level to truck height. The gap between truck and platform lift (approx 2’) is normally bridged manually with a dance floor ramp. CAC has (1) one dance floor ramp in house. Both CAC Dock doors are overhead rolling door on electric motors with chain backups. The US North dock does not have a lift. There is also entry 2 step backstage door entry platform that obstructs the US side of this door.



Sound Console:
FOH – Avid Venue SC48 (48 by 16)
Pro Tools 12 with 32 Channel Recording (Upon Request)
Monitor – Midas M32 (32 by 16)
Digital Snake – Midas ML32

Audio Snakes:
46 by 10 Audio Split Snake (FOH, 20′ tail DSR)
32 by 8, 150′ Sub Snake
16 by 8, 150′ Sub Snake
Two (2) – 7 Channel Sub Snakes

Technics Dual CD Player with DJ Control Module

Cluster (Center Vox Mix):
Four (4) Bose LT-9403
Two (2) Bose MB 24 Subs
Four (4) Bose DS-40SE Front Fills

Stereo (L/R Mix):
Four (4) Bose MA 12 Line Arrays
Two (2) Bose LT-9403
Four (4) Bose MB 12 Subs
Four (4) Yorkville LS800P Sing 18″ 1500 Watt Powered Subs (Upon Request)

Six (6) – JBL JRX 212
Four (4) – JBL PRX815

Ten (10) Tripod Boom Stands
Four (4) Round Base Straight Stands
Assortment of Short Straight/Boom Stands

Two Channel Telex Intercom
• Ten (10) Wired Stations
• Six (6) Wireless Stations

Program Monitoring
Paging Capability to Dressing Rooms, Bathrooms, Production Office, and Green Room

Wired Microphones
TypeQuantityProduct Info
AKG c9004
AKG 414B1
Crown PCC1604
Shure SM574
Shure Beta 584
Shure SM81LC2
Shure MX202 Microflex4Hanging Microphones (30′ tails to transformer)
Shure MX412s2Podium Microphone
SHS Drum Mic Kit1Kick, Snare, Three Toms, Hi Hat, & Two Overheads
Wirless Microphones
Shure ULXD4Q Wireless Receiver416 Channels Total
Shure ULXD2 Handhelds8Beta 58, Beta 87a, or KSM9HS Heads
Shure ULXD1 Body Pack16WL93 Microphone


Stage Dimensions:

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Line-set Schedule:

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Company switches four (4) total:
One (1) at 400A – 3 phase. – DSR, Polybox type and use Cam-Lok connectors
One (1) at 200A – 3 phase. – DSR, Polybox type and use Cam-Lok connectors
One (1) at 100A – 3 phase service, bare lead tie-in. – DSR
One (1) at 400A – 3 phase. – MSR, Polybox type and use Cam-Lok connectors

ETC IonXe 20 (2048 Output), 20 Faders, plus a 40 Fader Wing add-on.

384 2.4k ETC. L86. Located in the dimmer room DSR.
All theatrical circuits are 20 amp with stage pin (3 pin) connectors.

(7) 15’ and (1) 10’ side boom poles & heavy bases.
(6) lengths of 6 channel break in/outs 3 pin extensions, primarily used to power side booms from flown electrics and floor pockets. (Socapex)
(2) Five pin DMX dry lines from FOH to DSR.
(2) Cat5e dry lines from FOH to DSR.

House lights control via 16 channels of DMX, upon request.

TypeQuantityProduct Info
ETC Source 4 – 19 Degree24750 Watts
ETC Source 4 – 26 Degree34750 Watts
ETC Source 4 – 36 Degree34750 Watts
ETC Source 4 – 15 to 30 Degree Zoom20750 Watts, Box Booms
ETC Source 4 – 14 Degree8750 Watts, Front Cove Lights
ETC Source Four Par64575 Watts, Very Narrow, Narrow, Medium, & Wide Lens Available
Selecon Pacific 12 to 28 Degree Zoom201000 Watts, Cove Lights
Selecon Pacific 5 to 12 Degree Zoom41000 Watts, Cove Lights
Altman Par 64161000 Watts, Medium & Wide Lamps
Altman 2 Cell Cyc Unit241000 Watts (Each Cell)
Altman Blacklight UV 703 Fresnel25 Minute Warm Up Time
Altman MR-16 Borderlight/Striplight43 Cells, 6 Dimmers for minimum use
Martin Quantum Profile6450 Watt LED (27 Channels DMX Control)
Look Solutions Unique 2.1 Hazer 22 Channels DMX Control
Chauvet Impulse 648 LED Panel42 Channels DMX Control, 6500K
Antari ICE-101 Ground Fogger21 Channel DMX Control
Snow Machines2Remote Control, NO DMX
Bubble Machines2NO DMX Control

All items listed above are our current inventory, and are subject to change due being out for repair.
Please check during advance to make sure the items you want/need are available.