Your Message For All To See-

Want to say Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary? Congratulate a friend? Want to ask someone to marry you? Not that we are suggesting a billboard is the way to ask someone to marry you. I mean what knucklehead has one of the most important conversations of his life that way? Good golly.

Still in the time of Covid, who knows what special message you might want to convey? Jimmy wear a mask? Grandpa don’t stand so close?

We’re going old school here at the CAC and offering you the chance to pass along your important message on our marquee. We know you have a phone. We know you can zoom. But you ever wanted to see your message splayed across the whole of 4th Street in big black letters for everyone at Bullfrog to read?

Maybe you bring her to dinner there, sit down at one of the tables, look up and bam, the question is popped. Not that we’re suggesting that, but it is possible. We’re just saying.

There are no shows in the immediate pandemic future so we don’t need the space and heaven knows we could use the money. So we’re throwing it open for you to used for a small message on a big stage. No nasty words, no political messages, no meanness, say something nice and say it on the CAC marquee.

For a small fee.

Fill out the below marquee form or contact Carol Coffelt at or call (570) 326-2424 for more information.

Marquee Rental

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    Each section has 3 lines and each line can hold 13 characters. You have the options to purchase 1 or 2 sections for your message.
    1 section: $60.
    2 sections: $100.
    The section(s) is for one week Monday-Sunday only.

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